Being imprisoned

Held captive

Looking around

Is it just a dream?


Though carpeted

Floors seem so cold

Hard like concrete

Painful against my feet

Floors of a cell


Walls so white

Harsh to look at

Three walls

A tiny window

Big enough to see


Then there are the bars

Everywhere I go

Silver and fierce

Hard steel

So unbendable


I see the way out

Things I want to touch

Places I want to go

Still I am trapped

Those bars do not move


A guard walks the hall

Laughing at my despair

Dangling the keys

Rubbing it in

My freedom is in their hands


I pace constantly

Feeling as if I’m going no where

A long black chain

Cuffed to my leg followed by a ball

Dragging me down


Further and further I go

Blisters upon my feet

Sinking into the abyss

Locked away in this prison

Hoping for a light of hope


I have that moment of clarity

Looking into the mirror

Clearly not asleep

Clearly not a dream

Still blocked by bars


Trapped in a cell

I’m looking out

The guard locks eyes

It is me staring back

Realizing my only fate


The face that holds me

The one in the mirror

One always staring back at me

It is her that holds the secret key

The one that can set me free



Copyright 2013

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