Slipping Away

There is a vanishing face

Staring back in the mirror

I see her everyday

I used to know her well


Time has made her hard to recognize

She’s no longer the girl I knew

Her features are blurred

Disfigured as the dreams she holds


Her life has changed

Seems so very surreal

She is vanishing before my eyes

As if it is playing out in film


Growing so old

Eyes tired and sad

Shrinking amongst the shadows

Vanishing upon the mist


Not the girl that is within

A soul dying to get out

Dancing and singing

Smiling with hope


The girl within

Still has dreams

A timeless spirit

Invincible in every sense


She walks on the edge

Fearless and strong

No one can beat her down

She knows where she belongs


Not the girl in the mirror

A restless soul

Constantly searching

Looking for a place to run


Defeat has become her name

Struggling to face each dawn

Despair her only love

Darkness her only home


 She tries to speak

Her words are muffled

Her voice has disappeared

Wasted on unanswered tears


Before me she is vanishing

The light is fading slow

Upon bended knees I still pray

Hoping to stop the slipping away




Copyright 2013

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