Stranger in Black

There was that moment

Kind that last a lifetime

As brief as it was

On the dance floor

I saw you from afar

Our eyes locked

My cheeks flushed

I couldn’t help but smile

 I was the bell of the ball

No one could deny that at all

It was as if the waters parted

And all eyes were on me

As foolish as that may seem

It was a moment that beams

One for the record books

Holding forever in my heart

Chance of a lifetime

Made this girl feel real

Intentional or not

I thank you for the smile

It was what this girl needed

A Simple gesture from the stage

Shared with the stranger in black





2 Second Rant

This is my two second rant.  It is actually longer than two seconds depending on how fast you read.  I could consider it longer than two seconds considering how long it took me to type it, but that is neither here nor there.  Anyway, with that said.  Here is my rant.

I just read something that struck a chord with me and so I would like to put this out there for thought.

For every soft drink or soft drink size that gets banned, that is less profit for the company. Less profit for the company means less employees that they will need. Less employees needed means the more people looking for work. For every fast food restaurant that is under attack or told that they need to revise their menu to not sale this or not sale that, it potentially means less profit for the company. Less profit for the company means less employees are needed. The less employees needed means the more people out of work. Are we seeing a pattern here?

We all have the option to eat healthy. We all have the option to not eat healthy. We also have the ability to determine how OFTEN we dine on these luxuries. It goes with that free will that they are so trying convince that we still have. People have a right to eat and live (within the law) how they choose. People do not go to McDonald’s for the stellar salads. Yes, it has become a popular option, but seriously…Big Macs and Shakes. It is not McDonald’s fault that they are such a convenience or that people have ultimately become less active and therefore heavier in their lives. This is not on McDonald’s, this on us as individuals.

With that rant aside, my point is, by allowing places and OTHER people (POLITICAL PEOPLE) to dictate what we are allowed to buy and when we are allowed to buy it, we are creating a place where these companies such as McDonald’s, Pepsi, and other soft drink makers are not needed. This in returns creates less job options for people. Less job options for people means less people working and less people that can afford to live. Hmm….seems like a pretty bad frickin’ move, huh?

I’m done. Thank you for your time.

~The Princess~ (as known to most of my friends)