I Wait

I keep on waiting
here by my lonesome
for the man that stole my heart
All those many years ago
Our timing was never right
but our friendship built to last
We’d lose each other
only to be found again
My heart could never let you go
Though there’s no question it should

Your choices, your fears

The reasons that led us here
Still here we are after all these years
back to a point of lines

I stand on one side
While you on the other
It should be easy
But this is not a line to cross

You said it was the right choice
Still you seemed to wonder
Should it have been different
What if we’d had our chance

I wanted to scream
Confirm the thoughts you pondered
Yet you seemed so sure
It was time to move on

It still is

This I know
And I get so close
Then there you are
Memories like yesteryear
Vivid and tugging
So I stop
Wondering if the day will ever come
When I no longer have to wait

To see you standing before me
Saying what I’ve been longing to hear
That you made a mistake
All a long it was me
I’m the one you love
This is how it should have been

I know these are only words
Ones I’ll never get to hear
Yet I cannot help but wait
For the day I wait no more
And I can finally share my love
With that man I’ve been dreaming of


Copyright 2013 ~smh~

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