The Girl Within Me


I try so hard to see
The girl others see in me
I stare deep into those eyes
But all I see is vacancy

I trace my features in the mirror
Looking for that beauty to appear
I ponder all they say
Gifts and a heart gone to the waste way

I look hard into the girl
But it’s dark and cold in her world

Through a tiny hole of light I can see
An obstructed glimmer of decency
A broken soul looking for leniency

Crying into the arms of mercy
Heart breaking
Falling like desperation
Darkness dancing in its motion

Death grows near
Fear grows thick
But in the distance
There is a fire within

Flames low and weak
Someone’s fighting
Dying to get out

Struggling to be seen
Trying to be heard
Spirited girl with life
Engulfed in the night

She waits so patiently

Waiting for a chance to be
The girl everyone sees

I lay in the loneliness
Quiet and still
Staring deep into those eyes

Trying to reach
Trying to see
Trying to save that girl hidden inside of me

copyright 2013 ~smh~