Small Town, IA (Part 2)`


She was convinced he was looking at someone else.  Still she found herself feeling a little flattered at the possibility it was her that he was looking at.  She began to feel butterflies in her stomach. This was a new feeling for her.   She smiled softly as he stopped in front of her. He smiled back.

When he spoke, the butterflies fluttered.  His voice was deep enough to be captivating. He was intrigued by her being at the concert and having traveled by herself.  She wasn’t sure she understood what the big deal was, but most people usually were surprised to find that she had traveled by herself.  She didn’t want him to walk away.  In order to keep the conversation going, she asked if he knew whether there was a merchandise table or if the artists would be signing autographs.  He was not sure, but had no problem going to find out for her.  She was impressed.  No one at that point in her life had taken effort to do much for her.

She should have been disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to meet the band or Rhett Akins. After all they were the reason she was there, but she was not disappointed.  She had a feeling there was something better on the horizon.  Conversation between them continued and before she knew what was going on, she and this young farm boy were on their way.  Chatting up the evening and driving down old dirt roads. He talked about his Grandpa as they passed his land, but it was dark so she could not see.  Still even in the dark, it was not hard to figure out it was a field as large as Texas.  She loved how passionate about his family he seemed to be as he talked.

In desperation to keep his attention, she told him why she had traveled all that way and showed him some pictures.  Talking about the first time she had met Rhett Akins.  She knew this probably meant nothing to him.  Some stories are only important to those that tell them, but he listened intently and she felt comfortable talking to him.

As the evening grew later, she knew she would have to be heading back.  They drove to his little house at the end of a dead-end road.  It was a simple little house with only a loft bedroom. When he asked, she knew she should say no.  People get the wrong idea; especially, men.  A single woman going into the house of a complete stranger.  She knew it could give him the wrong impression and she wanted to say no.  Still, she found herself unable to do so.  There was something about this farm boy who captivated her in ways she did not know were possible.

As they walked through the door, it was much of what she expected for a bachelor pad.  Not quite dirty, but not quite clean.  No sign of feminine influences. She sat on the couch and he in his chair.  To her surprise he tried nothing.  They just talked. He talked about his family, she mainly listened. Taking in his surroundings.  The pictures of his family. The street sign hanging on his wall that donned his last name.  Everything one would expect for the life of someone who had lived.  Stories to tell. Adventures to share.  She was embarrassed she had none.

As she began to develop a headache, it became clear to him that something was wrong.  When asked, she simply said she was developing a headache and blamed it on the drive or that she had not eaten.  She was always getting headaches.  Upon her mentioning food, he insisted that she eat some chips, but she respectfully declined and told him that she must be going.

They walked to the door.  She knew she needed to leave and she was not hesitant about such, but she was afraid to let this moment end. Afraid of missing something and never seeing him again.  She looked in his eyes and him into hers.

Copyright 2015 ~SMH~


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