I often wonder
Sitting alone
Waiting to be noticed
How to become one of those

The fortunate ones
With friends crawling over themselves
Helping hands all around

How do I become the interesting one
People hanging on my every word
Not being able to wait to hear about my week
Adventures that I might have had

I wonder where it is I went wrong
To become this girl
The wallflower
Only to be noticed by a few

This should be enough
But dreams waiting make it hard
Resources are needed
Support required

Alas what is there
Limited and few
Never enough to help
Just enough to say it’s there

Struggling to not drown
Stay true to dreams that do not succeed
Simply because she’s mostly unseen
Always one behind the crowd

This should be enough to make me strong
Still weakness is found
Not knowing how to grow
Or to become the popular kind of girl

Copyright 2015 ~SMH~


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