It has been a bit since I’ve posted anything on this blog.  That is in small part to me focusing on another area of my creativity.  I do photography and write more than poems.  I’ve not quite decided how I’m going to work all this yet as I do enjoy poetry, but stories are more of my strong suit.  If you get a moment, please consider stopping by my other blog at MontanaRosePhotography.com (still wordpress) and giving it a follow.  I may just combine the two and move my poetry over to that one. Alas, my indecisive side has been exactly that on the subject.

Hope you have a beautiful tomorrow.



I look in the mirror
People’s words ring through
Some I shake off
Some linger on

Color of my skin
Sound of my voice
Color of my eyes
The hair on my head

Thinking they know it all
Categorizing by looks alone

Things they don’t know
Tattoos I don’t show
Scars hidden away
Much more than can be seen

Not even half of who I am
So much more than meets the eye
Never getting a chance to show
What’s inside is the story to be told

Still these things don’t seem to matter
As image is what they care about
Opinions do not bother
All this has made me stronger

It is they that miss out on what is
Not getting past my looks
For looks do not define me
Because I’m well aware of who’s within

Copyright 2015 ~SMH~


Days pass by
Time flies
Before I know
Years are gone

Waiting patiently
For promises made
Friends by my side
Family to my aid

Moments never come
Another promise broken
As if I don’t exist
As if I don’t matter

Am I a flower upon the wall
Invisible to the naked eye
So easy to forget
Just the same to ignore

Is it my giving nature
My charitable heart
Forgiveness that I live by
Not worth the time to fight

Is it that I stand my ground
Don’t yell loud enough
See me see me see me
Refusing to pass the middle

I’ve given all I’ve had
Trying so hard to be seen
Still alas I’m looked through
As if I’m nothing more than glass

Copyright 2015 ~SMH~

Out of Hand

This has gotten out of hand
The world we live

Not our place to judge
Yet we do it everyday
Telling others what to do
Decisions not ours to make

Banning others for who they are
Wrong before right

Against each other
In a country united
Trying to make it a better land
Taking away what made it free

This has gotten out of hand
The land we live
Pushing others away
All to reinforce the simple

We know who we are
Our beliefs
Our morals
Our selves

Why is it we must
Change who others are
Be in control
When it is our self that is really lost

Copyright 2015 ~SMH~